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The get_next_line project is one of the projects where you can learn to use memory controllers like malloc and free in addition to dealing with static variables.


The project is an algorithm that reads the file through the file descriptor through an integer value passed through a function call under the name BUFFER_SIZE and returns a line ending ```\n (new line)`` every time until the algorithm finishes Read the file completely.


Diagram (optional)

graph TD id1[Start]-->|FD & BUFFER_ZISE|id2{is True} id2-->id3[01-ReadFd]-->id2 id2-->id5[02-found '\n`]-->id2 id2-->id6[03-return *line*]-->id3-->id5 id3-->|'\0'|id7[free var]-->id8[end]


Questions 01

Create project files, which are 3 files and are divided into:

The files for the project have been distributed into 3 files to facilitate the process of organizing scripts during writing.

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